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Mixed Ability Class Hatha Yoga classes

  Category Fitness
  Class date Mondays
  Timings 10.30 A.M to 11.30 A.M
  Class Fee £5
  Location The Higgins Bedford
  Town Bedford

About This Post

The yoga classes follow a traditional Hatha and Zen Yoga structure which is suitable for all to work at their own level in a safe and happy environment.
It's a mixed ability class suitable for beginners to advanced people, as students work at their own pace and level
In class students learn to connect to their own individual needs so they become aware of the needs of their body and not imitate ot
 hers interpretation of the postures. This creates concentration, sensitivity and self awareness which leads to healing the body and mind resulting in an overall feeling of wellbeing and personal growth.
Please feel free to ask more about what is taught.
All are welcome on a drop in basis