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Design & Manufacturing in Bedfordshire

Foam Conversions (UK) Ltd

  Telephone 01234 843737
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  Address 8-9 Lyon Close,Woburn Road Ind Estate ,Bedford,MK42 7SB

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About Foam Conversions (UK) Ltd

Foam Conversions (UK) Ltd provide services towards design & manufacturing, they are located at 8-9 Lyon Close,Woburn Road Ind Estate ,Bedford,MK42 7SB and can be contacted on 01234 843737. Foam Conversion is supplying bespoke foam products for a myriad of applications and industry sectors. Specialist foam products include bespoke microphone windshields, aquatic and water filtration foams, acoustic profiled foams,packaging inserts through to automotive polishing pads and bespoke industrial foam components.   This basic business listing for Foam Conversions (UK) Ltd ,8-9 Lyon Close,Woburn Road Ind Estate ,Bedford,MK42 7SB is provided by BedfordCommunity.com. However, if you wish to, you can Edit, Add description or Report any error on this listing or upgrade your listing.