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Newnham Middle School

  Category Middle school
  Telephone 01234303403
  Address Polhill Avenue, Bedford MK41 9DT
  Town Bedford
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Newnham Middle School
Polhill Avenue, Bedford MK41 9DT
Head: Mrs R Wilkes
Tel: (01234) 303403  Fax: (01234) 303404

Welcome to our website which I hope gives a real sense of how proud we are of Castle Newnham and its wonderful staff and pupils.  Our school vision is for a highly successful and seamless educational journey through which each of our pupils can flourish from age 4 to 16. Ambition for and care for all are at the heart of everything we do. We are a federation of two highly successful and established schools working together under one leadership team and one governing body to provide excellence from Reception right up to Year 11. Castle Newnham is situated in a lovely part of Bedford, close to the town centre.  Our two growing and well-resourced sites serve our richly diverse and vibrant community. South site is where the younger pupils start their journey in nursery or reception and North site provides continuity from Year 5 onwards. Pupils, parents, staff and visitors alike comment that there is a tangible sense of happiness and joy in every part of school.